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Mystery Diners FAQ's

What is the value of the Mystery Diner Coupons?

Each 'mystery diner' coupon has an exchange value of AU$28, so a couple will receive AU$56 off the total bill on assignments. If the bill is greater than AU$£56 then the mystery diners are responsible for the extra, which must be settled at the time of the assignment.

How many restaurant visits do we get each month?

Each Mystery Diner Member will be given 10 assignments each month to complete with another member, so we suggest you apply together with a partner or close friend.  If you don't fancy dining out 2 to 3 restaurants every week. please let us know when you apply, so we can give the assignments to other members. 

Will members receive unwanted or spam/junk emails?

Our strict privacy policy adheres to the GDPR regulations, in fact it goes one step further. dooZza will not send emails for any other purpose than to keep members informed about the services offered. You may have noticed we do NOT ask for specific home address details in any of our forms.